Raising the bar, again – The BestMed Recovery Zone

Rock the Boat is proud to announce the launch of the Bestmed Recovery Zone for the 2016 regatta! World class racing for any athlete is what we aim to bring to South African rowing and the addition of the Bestmed Recovery Zone now further entrenches our event as the benchmark in this regard.

The time trial is just the appetizer and any athlete that wants to deliver their best race in the final needs to use the time between racing wisely.

What does the Bestmed Recovery Zone offer?

  • Some athletes prefer to get their engines going a bit before they get on the water and so we have ergos and stretching mats in the shade for them.
  • After the time trial there will be Ice Baths to flush the muscles and an athletes pool for those that just need to escape the Pretoria heat.
  • For the racing snakes there is a complimentary recovery rub down area staffed by professional sports masseuses, courtesy of Bestmed.
  • Bestmed will have staff on hand throughout the day to answer any questions from athletes, parents or spectators. So pop into the Bestmed stand right in front of the recovery zone.
  • Together with Bestmed we will be running a water drop to be distributed to those areas in South Africa that are still running dry. See details bellow. All unsold water from Rock the Bar will be donated to this great cause.BM Pam